Questions and answers

How long has your company been producing candles?

We have been producing candles for over 20 years.

What countries do you work with?

At the moment, we supply our candles and other types of products to countries such as: Poland, Germany, Italy, USA, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Finland, but we are always ready to cooperate with all countries of the world!

Where are your main production facilities?

Our main production facilities are in Ukraine, city of Dnipro.

How many candles do you produce monthly?

At the moment we produce up to 100 tons of candles per month.

Do you only produce church candles?

No, we don’t. In addition to church candles, we produce household and party candles, outdoor candles, as well as scented and other types of candles!

How do you work with European companies?

We work with European companies through our representative companies Ori-Plus sp. z o.o. and Soppy-Plus OÜ depending on the region of delivery.

Do you sell anything other than candles?

In fact, candles are our main product, but we also sell many different accessories for the church ranging from small souvenir items, reproductions of icons, and ending with candlesticks, church chandeliers, and finished domes and roofs for Orthodox and Catholic churches.

We have products of our own type / size / standard, can you make this for us?

We are ready for every novelty, and your wishes are the impetus for our development! We will try to satisfy all your requirements or offer a good alternative.

I am your regular wholesale customer, what terms \ bonuses can I expect?

For our regular wholesale customers, we provide individual terms. Everything related to the price, payment and delivery is negotiated additionally. Our offers will surely please you!

Do you make candles from paraffin and beeswax blends?

Yes, but only under a prior agreement with the customer.

How can we contact you?

You can contact us in many ways: E-mail, Viber, WhatsUp, QQ, Skype, Facebook, Instagram.