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There are different forms and sizes when we talk about candles. They have a wide array of uses, too, from being used in rites in different religions, to decorations, lighting effects, etc.

Doroshenko Company is a Ukrainian company that produces candles different types and forms. Founded in 1995, company has achieved great success, increasing its candles production each year. Nowadays company produces 100 tons of candles per month with possibility of increasing the production capacity up to 50 %.

Doroshenko Company offers church candles, household candles, handmade candles, wedding candles, Easter candles, candles with you own logo.

The company focuses not only on bulk purchasers but also on individual requests. We make candles for special occasions and events according to your needs and wishes.

Candle making is a craft that involves the use of many different components. Our candles are characterized by high quality, as they are made using high-quality raw material - paraffin and beeswax, which is supplied by Ukrainian and foreign firms.

Business development, increasing production capacity allows us to reach new frontiers, expand the sales market, compete on a global scale. For the last 5 years, we have had effective cooperation with Europe and other countries: Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Russia, USA. In such countries as Poland and Estonia, we have partner companies “ORI Plus S. z o.o” and “SOPPY-Plus OÜ”.

Constant production quality control and observance of manufacturing process allows us to adjust to European norms and standards. We strive to continually improve our manufacturing process; every detail is brought to full automatic action.

Motto and corporate principle is every day self-improvement.

We are open to the possibility of cooperation with every client on mutually beneficial conditions.