Floor candlesticks offered to your attention are hardly ever used in homes. But churches, cathedrals, and monasteries cannot do without them. Floor candlesticks are used not only by clergy, but also by parishioners who want to put a lit candle in front of an icon. In this case, the candlestick should be of a certain height and designed to hold a certain number of candles. If you are looking for a floor candlestick, we have many to offer you.

 Our company has specialized in the production of floor candlesticks for a long time, or rather, about two decades. We use the techniques and materials that allow us to customize the smallest details of the floor candlesticks. For the manufacture of these products we use high-quality wood, such as:

- oak;

- ash;

- maple.

 Other types of wood, such as pine, can be used to order. We finish the ready floor candlesticks with a matte or glossy lacquer, or with a paint available in a wide range of customizable colours.

 We make the candle holders, or sockets to put the lit candles in, from metal. They are customizable for candles of any diameter, both larger and smaller than a centimeter.

 All stages of the floor candlestick production are carried out in our workshops supervised by our experienced staff, which ensures elimination of any defects in the finished products.

 Our managers will answer any of your questions, and calculate the estimated cost of a floor candlestick free of charge, based on your requirements. To discuss your inquiries, you can contact our manager by phone or email.

 Floor candlesticks from the “Doroshenko Company” company are the quality demanded in Ukraine and Poland

If you are looking for a floor candlestick for the church, we will offer you a model made from natu..

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