Household candles

When the sun sets and it is getting dark, people turn on artificial light in their homes. However, an electrical grid that delivers electricity from producers to consumers is a very complex interconnected network; it can suddenly fail, which results in a power outage in many houses, if not areas. How can we illuminate our homes in such situations, while repairs are underway? There are not so many options. You can use a flashlight, or you can burn household candles.

 Flashlight is not the best option because it must be directed to where light is required. And since you can not always fix the flashlight, you have to hold it in your hands. With candles everything is much easier. It is enough to set fire to the wick - and the apartment will brighten with the light coming from a household candle. Several candles lit here and there are enough to bring light to a whole room. You can put the candles in a candlestick or even on an ordinary plate, which makes it easier to carry them from place to place.

 Our company offers household candles that help solve the problem of a temporary power cut and, if necessary, create a romantic, cosy ambiance at home. To date, we can offer more than ten types of various household candles of our own production. In our catalogue you will find items in various colours, thicknesses and heights.

 We offer the household candles made by our working team from the following materials:

      - paraffin;

      - beeswax.

 You can always contact our qualified consultant to get answers to any questions regarding the products or you can order the household candles at reasonable prices. Our products are in demand in Ukraine and Poland, both by individuals and businesses.

 Household candles from the Doroshenko Company manufacturing company are your reliable insurance in the event of a power outage for an indefinite period.

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