Paraffin wax

In an event of a sudden power outage, paraffin household candles are quite a useful accessory that should be at hand in sufficient quantities in every household. If you do not want to rush to the store in case of an emergency, we recommend you placing an order for household paraffin candles, 3-5 pieces per room, depending on the room space. Also, do not forget that power outage affects more than one single house, but sometimes the whole area. And if at least half of those who are experiencing the power outage rush to get candles in the nearest stores, you may have to waste a lot of time buying this product.

 A power cut is not the only situation where you may need paraffin household candles. They are also relevant for owners of establishments whose customers seek for romantic ambiance or a special theme. Therefore, paraffin household candles are quite often a good idea for:

      - restaurants;

      - cafes;

      - hotels;

      - holiday homes;

      - clubs.

 If you are interested in buying paraffin household candles, FLP Doroshenko, as a manufacturing company, will be pleased to offer you a line of products. Household candles listed on the company’s catalogue are made from paraffin and available in a range of the following parameters:

-           shape;

-           colour;

-           diameter;

-           height;

-           burning time.

 In addition, due to the low cost of the raw materials, we offer paraffin candles at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality. Furthermore, in order to reduce the health threat from the melting paraffin, we manufacture the candles using:

-          high-purity raw materials;

-          cotton wicks.

 As a result, we manufacture household paraffin candles that do not smoke nor emit any toxic substances while burning. That is why our products are in demand among individuals and business entities throughout Ukraine and outside the country, for example, in Poland, Italy, and the USA.

 Household paraffin candles from Doroshenko Company are your best choice that guarantees high quality and the absence of fly ash or harmful substances when burned.

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