A man and woman, who go into marriage, may want not only to seal their marriage with the signatures in the registry office, but also to marry in the church rite. They feel that all the nuances and details of the church rite of matrimony are very important. There are no little things in the wedding ceremony. The bride and bridegroom ought to observe every detail and every rule of the rite. Church wedding candles belong to very important attributes during a wedding ceremony. Their feature is that they differ from wax and paraffin candles, intended for church services and prayers.

A wedding candle is an attribute that is not enough to purchase and light in the church just before the ceremony of the sacrament. People follow the religious traditions that have come to us from the medieval times. Traditions prescribe that the candles be kept after the wedding.  The candles that the newlyweds were holding in their hands during the ceremony are afterwards put behind an icon and kept as an heirloom by the family. Wedding church candles are a symbol of:

- love;

- harmony;

- tenderness;

- understanding;

- faith.

Our company specializes in the manufacture of various types of church candles in a strict accordance with the church canons. We will be glad to offer you wedding candles that feature unique hand-made elements and are designed for the wedding ceremony lasting 45-60 minutes. Neither the bridegroom nor the bride will have to light new candles, since the length and thickness of the wedding candles offered to your attention will ensure them burning for the required period of time.

 Wedding church candles made by the qualified staff of Doroshenko Company

 are precisely the attribute that the bride and groom should hold in their hands during the church ceremony of the sacrament of matrimony.

Incredibly beautiful handmade decor, high quality, and compliance with the church canons – it is a..

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