Our company specialises in the production of candles, in particular, church candles. We manufacture them in accordance with the canons of the church, and sell various kinds of candles, such as:

 - paraffin candles;

- beeswax candles;

- wedding candles.

 However, in some situations, despite the diversity of our products, we cannot satisfy the needs of a customer. In this case, we can customise the candles for you, which means that our company will make candles to your individual order. We enlist these products in our catalogue as molded church candles.

 This type of church candles is made using a technique that involves pouring candle material into special moulds. Without departing from the canons of the church, we can customise the following parameters for you:

 - height;

- diameter;

- material.

 Today, we manufacture molded church candles from three types of materials:

 - paraffin;

- beeswax;

- stearin.

 We can also blend these materials in different proportions, if necessary.

 Our company has produced the molded church candles for more than two decades. Due to their high quality and compliance with the canons of the church, these candles are in demand not only in Ukraine, but also in European countries. For example, our molded candles are in good demand in Poland.

 It is very easy to make an order for the molded church candles. You just contact our manager and specify your requirements for the candles. The manager will inform you about the prices and terms of the order, and recommend the material that will be best to use for manufacturing the candles you need.

 Molded church candles from Doroshenko Company are your opportunity to purchase candles that meet both the canons of the church and your requirements.

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