During the morning and evening divine services, or sacraments and rites, clergymen use attributes intended for various purposes. One of these are church candles, which should burn during the entire period of time the clergyman holds a service, sacrament or rite. Clerics can certainly use ordinary church candles made from beeswax or paraffin and lit by parishioners in churches and for home prayers. However, these candles do not have sufficient thickness and length to burn for the required period.

 That is why candles used by clerics in churches, cathedrals or monasteries are a special kind of church candles called Deacon candles. They are desined to burn for a long time, which allows a cleric to avoid interrupting the sacrament, rite or service to replace the burned-out candle with a new one. It is important that although the candles are called “Deacon, they can be used by clerics regardless of their hierarchical degree, viz.

-          deacons

-          priests

-          bishops. 

For many years, our company has been specializing in the manufacture of high-quality Deacon candles, which fully comply with the church canons. Here you can buy candles made from the following materials:

-          paraffin;

-          beeswax.

 Our team has been working for quite a long time. Our products are known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, for example, in Poland, Italy, and the USA.

 To place an order, contact our manager by phone, and you will get answers to any questions regarding church Deacon candles. We will offer you a favourable price, regardless of the required size of the order, since the whole process of the manufacture of deacon candles is carried out by our specialists at our premises.

 Deacon church candles, manufactured by "Doroshenko Company", imply high quality and compliance with the canons of the church

The deacon candle is different in size from wax and paraffin church candles made for parishioners. ..

179.08 zł (40.00€)

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