During a church service, rite or sacrament a clergyman sometimes needs to sprinkle parishioners or some objects with holy water. To do that, he uses a device called a holy water sprinkler (kropilo). The most common example of the use of holy water sprinklers is sanctification of paskas and painted eggs with holy water in the Easter celebrations.

 However, in fact, clergymen have to use the holy water sprinkler much more often. In addition, they use it to sanctify objects outside the church walls, such as hospitals, apartments, and so on. Therefore, the holy water sprinkler should be of high quality so that it can serve for a long time. If you need to purchase a high-quality holy water sprinkler, our company will be able to offer you the one.

 Although we specialize in the manufacture of church candles, we also produce other items needed by the clergy, including holy water sprinklers. The design of the holy water sprinkler is very simple, it is a bundle of fibers attached to a handle. Our skilled team make the two components of the holy water sprinkler from high-quality materials.

 Handles come in a variety of wood species:

     - pear;

     - oak;

     - apple tree.

 These are only a few examples. We offer many other customizable wood species for the sprinkler handles.

 To manufacture the brush, we use a plant called sisal. The fibers made from this plant do not absorb water, but retain it on their surface. This makes the process of sanctification more effective, allowing holy water to be sprinkled in many directions; this also increases the service life of the sprinkler.

 You can place an order for these products through our managers after discussing with them any questions you are interested in.

 The holy water sprinklers manufactured by Doroshenko Company are an excellent quality and durability of each product.

We offer a quality holy water sprinkler manufactured by our company. Each sprinkler is a handmade pr..

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