For a long period of time, incense has been indispensable for holding services by clergy in churches, monasteries and cathedrals, and for various rites and sacraments. Clerics place incense in a censer and wave the censer, so that the wonderful fragrance spreads indoors or even outdoors. Choosing incense, you should be very careful, since only natural incense of plant origin can provide a pleasant scent over a large area, making the incensing procedure effective. 

The source of natural incense are trees from the Burzer family. The most popular among them is frankincense. However, there are other representatives of this family that grow in the following regions:

- Arabian Peninsula;

- East Africa.

 Our company offers natural, high-quality incense in retail and wholesale trade. We deliver incense ready for an immediate use in a church service or rite.

 We have been selling incense for a number of years, and we deliver it throughout Ukraine and to many European countries, including Poland and Estonia. You will be pleasantly surprised not only by the high quality of our product, but also by its affordable price, which is the result of profitable contracts we have made with suppliers.

 Contact our managers by phone or e-mail, and you will get answers to any questions regarding incense and the details of its purchase; you can also place an order for the desired amount of incense.

 Incense from the Doroshenko Company is a guaranteed natural incense obtained from the trees of the Burzer family.

Our company retails incense in an advantageous packing. Incense comes in plastic boxes in sufficien..

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If you are looking for a supplier of incense, our company is ready to offer you cooperation on favo..

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