Interior Decorations

Our company offers high-quality beautiful indoor decor candles for decorating homes and offices, and for illumination in case of emergency. Indoor decor candles that you see on this page of our catalogue are all made in-house by our team. We have been working in this field for many years, having recently celebrated our 20th anniversary. Our products are in demand not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, for example, in Poland.

 At present, we manufature indoor decor candles in three types:

-          jar candles;

-          filled candles;

-          dry stearin filled candles.

 We are open to discuss every feature of the decor jar candles: the shape and size of the jar, and the decorative pattern applied to the product are all customizable.

 Decor filled candles are also available in any size, color, and from the material that you have agreed upon with our manager:

- high quality paraffin;

- natural beeswax;

- stearin.

 Regarding stearin decor candles, you should know the following. We customize the colour, size, shape and other features of this type of candles. But at the same time, you have to provide a container of your own for the candles to be manufactured. We then fill the container with a source material. The production technique allows you to make the candles on your own from the raw material we provide. However, this is only true if you have a container for these purposes. You just purchase the material from us, and you will both get high-quality indoor decor candles, and save money.

 Indoor decor candles made in the “Doroshenko Company” shops are beautiful and high-quality indoor decor elements that can perform both aesthetic and practical functions.

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26.86 zł (6.00€)

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22.38 zł (5.00€)

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