Cheetah candle

Sometimes, it is necessary for the people, who are present at a church service or ceremony, to hold candles in their hands. In some ceremonies, they have to, in others, they want to. However, regardless of the reasons for holding the burning candles in their hands, care should be taken not to let the melting wax drip onto their hands or clothes. For this, one can use, for example, a handkerchief. Alternatively, people can use a specially created kind of church accessories, which is called a "drip protector."

The drip protector is very easy to use. It is a flat collar-like device, made, as a rule, of plastic; there is a hole in the centre to insert a candle in. When you hold a candle with a drip protector around it, the melting material drips onto its surface, not onto your hands or clothes.

Our company offers high-quality drip protectors available in any quantity you need. We make them from high-quality plastic in the thickness that is enough to avoid melting of a drip protector when hot wax drips on it. The diameter of the hole to insert a candle in is customizable, which makes the drip protector perfectly suitable for both thin and thick candles.

We recommend you to order drip protectors from our company, which allow holding a burning candle, regardless of what material the candle is made of:

- paraffin;

- beeswax;

- stearin.

 It is very easy to order drip protectors from our company. You just contact our manager, make an inquiry and agree on all the details.

 Drip protectors from Doroshenko Company are a reliable protection of hands and clothes from the melting material of a candle.

Our company offers high-quality plastic drip protectors that allow you to comfortably hold a burni..

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