Stretch for baptism

Baptism is the first and most important Christian sacrament, which uses various church accessories. Of all accessories used by a priest during a Baptism, a special brush for anointing is not the least. It is called "stryuchitsa", "stryuchtsa" or "stryuchets"; the English is an ‘anointing brush’. The anointing brush symbolizes the olive branch, which was brought by the pigeon to Noah in the ark. For a person being anointed, the anointing brush is a symbol of salvation.

Our company offers anointing brushes, which we manufacture from high-quality and durable materials to guarantee a long service life of the product.

We make the anointing brush handles from various kinds of excellent wood:

- maple;

- ash;

- oak.

 We can also use other woods to order. Our skilled production staff manufacture anointing brushes in-house; this enables our customers to monitor all the production steps and, as a result, obtain a product of perfect quality. The high-skilled production staff with all the necessary equipment at hand allow us to promptly produce the anointing brushes in large batches.

 Call our manager by phone or write to our email address to make an inquiry. Our customer service staff will answer all your questions in detail. Our production team feel a great responsibility for the manufacture of anointing brushes, as well as of any other church accessories that you can see in our catalogue. As to the brush handles, they come in a variety of customized colours that you can choose from the color palette presented to your attention.

 Anointing brushes made by the artisans of Doroshenko Company are a high quality church accessory.

We offer high-quality anointing brushes, which are called stryuchtsy. These items are made in-hous..

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